Artist Statement  - Sky Series

At my best, I am an unapologetically optimistic individual that hopes to inspire through a halcyon lens of uplifting imagery.  Nature has always been the place where I can return to center spiritually, as it fosters in me a clearer connection with the presence of the divine.  My painting has evolved recently from the depiction of the idyllic, sunlit landscape to a similarly auspicious interpretation of the sky.  Mesmerized by cloud patterns and the colors found at golden hour, I seek to conjure a peaceful emotional space, as well as interpret a physical one.  In the studio, reflective metallic backgrounds in silvery pearl and gold acrylic stand in for sunlight and provide a soothing visual respite to rhythmic palette knife marks that indicate clouds, meticulously applied.  This combination of both simple and complex forms completes an ethereal skyward vision of the artist’s ideal psychological state made manifest.

 Forest Landscapes

Since 2005, I have created contemporary landscape paintings that strive to capture the essence of nature, as it feels to me at this time, namely, sacred, stoic, and tranquil.   I seek to conjure a particularly idyllic moment, and this moment need not be a named place, for one can look at it and see many places in it.   I want the viewer to have a sense of connection with something more – my depiction indeed hints at a peaceful force beyond us that is benevolent.  To wander through a forest is truly to be present in that remarkable goodness.